Cylos' Log ( Session 8 )
Stirge Attack

They swarmed over our whole camp! Wasn’t the bard supposed to be on watch? A twist of luck in my favor though. Ever since that ghoul had gashed my face on the road two nights prior my eyesight had been a bit fuzzy. I should have said something to the rest of the party, I was a liability when the Hobgoblins came for me.

Now, with Stirges circling above us, I had to just dive out of the way for cover. And even so one got me. RIGHT IN THE FUCKING NECK! Oh gods did that hurt! How did I not see it coming right for me? I felt something crack. All of a sudden it was like the twilight was lifted. I had tried at this ability in my time in the Underdark, but I didn’t think it was actually possible. Seems these eyes weren’t defective afterall, just not correctly calibrated. Or something.

With this new enhanced vision, I was able to make short work of that vermin, and many of its compatriots. This will certainly come in handy in the future.

Arriving in Deldrima
Lost Mines of Deldrimor 3

After resting for night, the party continued on to Deldrima. Along the way, they encountered a Tiefling on the road, and after some discussion, Ash offered him a ride on his wagon.

Upon arriving in Deldrima, Cylos and Lonehunter headed to Barthen’s Provisions to finally deliver the supplies that they were carrying, while Ash and Thia headed to Lionshield Coster to return the supplies that they had liberated from the goblin lair.

While delivering the goods to Barthen, they informed him that Gundren had been kidnapped by goblins. Barthen lamented the loss of his friend, informing that Gundren claimed to have discovered the location of Wave Echo Cave, and implored the group to save the dwarf. After delivering the supplies, Cylos and Lonehunter joined up with them to deliver the remainder of the Lionshield supplies.

With that done, they headed to the Stonehill Inn under the advise of Sildar. While most of the party was able to secure lodgings, Lonehunter tried (and failed) to find someone in town to take him in for the night. Eventually he headed back to the Inn, only to find that they were out of rooms. Luckily, Ash was able to convince the innkeeper to let him sleep on the floor of the tap room. While sharing a gallon of Hog Spit ale, the party learn from the inn keeper’s wife about the Redbrands, who have been terrorizing the town for the last couple of months.

Cylos' Log (Session 1+2)
Awakening Bonds

We botched the job, there’s not really a better way to put it. Had it not been for the greed and ambition of that filthy treacherous Yeemik, we likely would have died (all died, I should say) in that goblin prison. If I had not tried to spare those poor wolves, perhaps the goblins wouldn’t have heard us. If I’d pointed my lantern upwards towards the rope bridge, maybe we could have taken a few more out with less risk. Maybe the bold Farghram and Arlcane would not have fallen.

It could have been worse. I thought about running, as I’ve done so often before. I could have made it out too, and finished the job on my own. Delivered the goods, collected my reward, and gone back to my life of ranging in the outskirts. Something about these people drove me on. I saw some of myself in all of them. Kord’s Goliath: Lonehunter, who can’t go home. Calfthulu’s Zell, bound in his life to powers beyond his control or understanding.

Rayo’s Farghram though, with his duty both to his higher cause AND to his comrades, emblazoned on his body for all to see … his fall shook me, pushed me, changed me. I must do what I can for those who are here and now. I must toss away my archaic, cold calculus of surviving simply for the possibility of what I might do in the future, when their blood calls to me in the now.

And so I threw my lantern, and with it my means of escape, and fought, and fought, and fought until I myself fell. I couldn’t save Zell, but he and Farghram’s deaths likely saved Thia, Ash, and Silder (not to mention Lonehunter and myself). They won’t be forgotten, and neither will the bonds of camaraderie their blood formed today.

Session 2: Escape the Goblins
The Lost Mines of Deldrimor 2

Cylos, Lonehunter, and Arlcane awaken to find themselves bound in a prison cell. With them is the corpse of brave Fargrim, an unfamiliar drow and half elf, as well as a human who Arlcane identifies as Content Not Found: silder-hallwinter.

A goblin named Yeemik struck a deal with the group, promising their freedom if they managed to defeat Boss Klarg, the bugbear that they had faced earlier, so that Yeemik could take his place as the new Boss of the hideout. Yeemik promised to release three of them and return their weapons and armor. The others would remain as the goblin’s hostages. After discussing it among themselves, the group agreed that Cylos, Lonehunter, and the drow, Thia, would be the most suited among them to take out the fiend.

Sneaking back through the cave (Thia managing to sneak up behind a lone goblin burying the bodies of his fallen allies and slitting his throat), the group eventually came reached Klarg’s chamber, where they found him sleeping, while his two goblin “guards” feasted on the left overs of the wolf that the party had slain in the earlier battle. Getting the jump on them, the three were easily able to dispatch the goblinoids. While searching the room, they found a small chest filled with coin, potions of healing, and a small jade frog figurine, as well as a dozen crates and barrels filled with sundries bearing the mark of the Lionshield Merchant Company, which Thia knew had a branch in Deldrima.

Upon returning to Yeemik’s chamber, they were dismayed to find that the new boss was reneging on their original agreement by attempting to ransom off his remaining prisoners for a hefty sum. Needless to say, battle broke out. During the conflict, Arlcane attempted to use his innate tiefling powers to spook the goblins into surrendering, but instead they simply peppered him with arrows, until he eventually joined Fargrim in his eternal slumber. Yeemik used several of his underlings as goblinoid shields to save his own skin from Lonehunter’s assault. Finally, knowing that his new leader would invariably try to do the same to him, one of the goblins turned on Yeemik, critically slashing him with his scimitar before laying down his weapon in surrender and scurrying from the cave. One by one, Cylos, Thia, and lonehunter cut down Yeemik and his crew, until only one goblin remained, who decided to flee for his life. After freeing Ash the half elf and Sildar from their prison, Cylos built funeral pyres for both Fargrim and Arlcane, as well as one mass fire for the goblins.

Once their wounds were treated, they gathered up the Lionshield supplies into their wagons, the group decided to eventually set up camp for the night in the surrounding woods before eventually continuing on to Deldrima.

Session 1: Journey's Start
The Lost Mines of Deldrimor 1

After being hired by the dwarf merchant Gundren Rockseeker, the party departed Gryphon’s Rook with a wagon full of supplies to be delivered to Barthen’s Provisions in the small town of Deldrima. Gundren, along with his friend Sildar Hallwinter, set out ahead of them, in order to deal with pressing business in the town. After traveling south for a day and a half along the Coastal Road, they came across two horses lying dead in the road. As Cylos moved in to inspect the corpses, he was ambushed by goblins hiding in the nearby trees.

After slaying their attackers, Fargrim realized that one of the dead horses was Gundren’s beloved mount, Butterscotch. Using his medical training, Fargrim was able to deduce that the horses had been dead for at least a day. Cylos was determined that Gundren and Sildar were most likely set upon by a much larger group of goblins then the one they had just encountered, and was able to pick up the trail of the rest of the goblins, and determined that they had dragged what was most likely two medium-sized humanoid bodies with them.

Following their tracks to the northeast (and unfortunately falling prey to a couple of crude goblin traps along the way), they eventually came across a cave entering into the side of a hill, that had a small river flowing out from it. While approaching the cave, the party was ambushed yet again by two goblin lookouts hiding in some nearby brush. While the goblins were able to get the jump on Fargrim and Arlcane, Cylos was able to quickly dispatch one with a well-placed arrow, while Arlcane and Lonehunter were able to dispatch the other through a combination of javelins, axes, and eldritch magic.

Using a Light-imbued (courtesy of Fargrim) shield carried by Lonehunter, the party entered the dark cave. In a small chamber just off the side entrance, they found three snarling wolves chained to a stalagmite. When Lonehunter and Cylos’s attempts to calm the animals only agitated them more, one of the wolves was able to yank his chain free and attacked them. While Cylos was able to knock out two of the wolves out with the flat of his blades, the third saw it’s end at the hands of Arlcane’s arcane power.

As they began exploring deeper into the cave, a sudden torrent of water came upon them from the deeper recesses. While most of the party were quickly able to dart back into the small alcove with the unconscious wolves, Arlcane was swept up and carried back outside. Realizing that this was most likely a trap by the goblins and not some freak flash-flooding, Cylos proposed tying Arlcane to Lonehunter by means of a rope, in case of another sudden torrent. Sure enough, only moments later, the tunnel was once again filled with rushing waters. While Cylos and Fargrim were able to avoid the water, Arlcane was once again swept away, this time dragging the unfortunate Lonehunter with him.

After regrouping, the party pressed further through the tunnel. Upon reaching a large chamber, they were greeted by four goblin archers, who immediately let loose their arrows against Lonehunter, who was luckily able to get behind his shield in time. After Lonehunter delivered a near fatal blow to one of their compatriots, one of the goblins called out something incomprehensible in their native tongue. It was apparently a call for back up, as soon they were joined by two more goblins, a wolf, and a bugbear. Though the party fought hard, they eventually began to fall one-by-one. In a last ditch effort to save Fargrim from the goblin assault, Cylos tossed a bottle of oil into the cluster of goblinoids, and then threw his lantern at the bugbear, creating a small fire that burnt up the wolf and one of the goblins, and set the bugbear ablaze. Unfortunately, he was a split second too late, and one of the goblins was able to land a mortal wound on Fargrim. Now the only man left, Cylos attempted to pick the goblins off with his longbow, and while able to put down one more of the filthy green-skins, their combined numbers were too much, and he too eventually fell.


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