Iados Theata

I will recover the artifacts of our faith


I grew a native of apothys, a town with a focus on the collection of magical items. This is done as they bring in resources in trade as well as support needed tasks in the village. The use of these magical items has been used to keep unwelcomed outsiders out. Any one of birth or known as family is welcomed in the town.

When a boy becomes of age he must make himself of use in the town. He must provide needed services. Faith alone does not pay the bills. I have spent years of study with any books I could find both in pursuit of magic arts and anything that would be me closer to Bauhamut. After our last seeker died in exploration I was promoted.

On the first week of travel I would awake in a cold sweat. Visions I could not explain would visit me. I thought I was under the effects of some ingested herb. Later it became clear to me that Bauhamut has been calling me somewhere.

Personality Trait: Nothing can shake my faith
Ideals: Help the gods
Bonds: Die to recover a relic of my faith
Flaws: Inflexible in thing

Iados Theata

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