Canan Trivia

A list of various trivia that is canonical to the world of Mundus. Specific races or gods may appear here if they differ significantly from ‘typical’ settings.

  • Knobgobblin’ – Pornographic periodical catering to goblinoids.
  • Hi Hoh – A common Dwarvish greeting.
  • Eating too many goodberries at once may cause nausea.


  • Pronounced Dr-oh by the people themselves.
  • Not universally despised by other races
  • The most notable surface Drow is Sam ‘Elf’ Jackson, proprietor of a Chocobo and Waffles restaurant chain.


  • Generally tolerated as annoying but not evil sentients.
  • Found in large cities where they perform menial tasks and aid the income of larger creatures by paying a pittance to live in crawlspaces or closets (which are roomy for them).
  • Often worship dragons, and seek to be tormented by them.


  • Fought in a war with Elves
  • Colloquially called ‘Clankers’

Canan Trivia

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