Gryphon's Rook


  • Population: Approx. 18,000. (Roughly 40% Human, 25% Dwarf, 20% Elf, 15% Misc)
  • Government: Oligarchy

Gryphon’s Rook is a city state located on the western coast. Once a prosperous trade center, the city was nearly destroyed 30 years ago when the nearby Mount Cayden erupted. Most of the city fled to the south and east to escape the destruction, while others escaped to the nearby island of Southsun.

When the lava cooled and the ash settled, pirates and corsairs wasted no time in claiming the now abandoned city as their own. In the thirty years since, they’ve rebuilt the town, turning it into a true melting pot of civilization and a returning it’s status as the the trade center on the western coast.

Gryphon's Rook

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